Friday, September 30, 2016

Responsive Website Design- A Way for Strong Online Presence for Marketing Success

Responsive website design is one of the best methods to get a competitive edge over competitors and as a creative and professional responsive web design company in Gurgaon Gap Infotech believes in making beautiful and out of box websites, that not only attract the targeted customer but make efforts to hold them. As it is a matter of fact that physically powerful online presence makes the positive increase in overall traffic and provides an incredible user experience.

What is Responsive Website Design?
Responsive website adjust according to the screen dimension automatically on which it is being browse by user and provide a better interacting experience.

Why You Need Responsive Website Design?
Google favors responsive website to boost up the organic search result, which decrease bounce rate substantially.

According to recent studies more than 60% of your website visitors access your site from a mobile device, so if your website is not responsive somewhere you are losing a good opportunity to loose huge numbers of visitors.

Responsive website is also having better loading time than traditional website. Without responsive design, you could up to 50% web traffic

Why Gap Infotech is Among Top Web Design Company in Gurgaon?

  • ·         Design and Develop a stunning website at most affordable price.
  • ·         Our main focus is to use pattern, content and image adapting in a complete perfect manner
  • ·         We follow rule of "first impression is the last impression" and work for same
  • ·         Provide only elegant design, easy navigation, user friendly interface and effective content
  • ·         Full Customer Support 24/7

Gap Infotech having 10 + years of experience in website design, application development and graphic design and a reputed name as excellent web design company gurgaon. We never give up out attitude towards project completion and putting heart and soul into every project makes us different from rest of the organization.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mistakes While Making Professional Logo Designs for Business Branding

All business brand and organization must create a powerful, amazing, unique and effective logo to gain a unique identity among its competitors. As a business owner keep in mind, a professional and attractive logo support organization of all scale and sizes to better represent their brand, products and solutions. On the other hand, designing a new logo requires log designer in Gurgaon to do a lot of brainstorming and thinking. Here, discover few common mistakes that logo designers sometimes make while designing logos 

Typography Mistakes: Typography plays an imperative role in making or flouting a logo design. So, it is very important that a logo designer must understand all the elements and aspects of typography suitably. A logo should effective to simply express the organization’s message clearly. Logo designers must pass up excessive usage of fonts and pay special attention towards other important elements .

Use of Incorrect Font: While designing company’s logo, first thing is to finalize a font, which must be in tune with nature of business, brand and products& services provided. Hence, it is tremendously vital that designers choose efficient and suitable fonts so must take some time to do research and analyzing different fonts and their use.

More Focus on Colors and Special Effects: There is no need to pay attention to colors and other special effects because it is not a correct right way of creating a decent professional logo. Designers must first design logos in black and white and after that use colors or special effects, depending upon the business nature. Due to this it help a lot in concentrating on the shape as well as concept of the logo, inspite of relying or using special effects unnecessarily.

Complex Designing: It is necessary to avoid create logos which are puzzling, complex and not convincing. As it can ruin the organization and unable to create a unique identity of its own. For designing a strong logo, designers must keep their designs simple and shouldn’t complicate it needlessly.  

Stealing Existing Design Concept: Avoid stealing existing logo design concept and it should not be commit as it leads to generate duplicity and no client will ever accept this. Therefore, logo designers should abstain from copying a logo and label it as their own creation. Also it is an unethical and illegal practice.

Use of Monograms: Logo designers frequently use monograms to create logos but using monograms for designing a company’s logo is considered as a big mistake, as this confine the organization from establishing a strong brand reputation. 

So logo designers must pay attention in designing and developing logo according to their own expertise, knowledge and skills for designing a powerful and professional logo for their clients. When it approach towards finding a reputed logo design company in Gurgaon organizations have to take proper research and choose a team of experienced and professional logo designers which support organizations to obtain memorable and adaptable logos .

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Parallax Website Designing Why Is It Becoming Important?

Parallax scrolling is one of the innovative and latest techniques which greatly enhance the appearance of a webpage. It also provides viewers an entirely a new experience which increasing the interactive level of the website. Parallax scrolling was initiated through parallax website designing to websites after being inspired by this 2D animation technique from side scrolling video games.

Importance of Parallax Design

Parallax Website Designing is fairly important and is included in websites by expert professionals of Gap Infotech a reputed web designing company Gurgaon to offer numerous advantages to these websites. 

Create page depth animated design.
Offers an innovative manner of storytelling which provides them sufficient information about the website and its services.
Visitors are persuaded to scroll down through the entire page which increases the time that a visitor spends viewing a webpage and its related information.
Visitors become inquisitive and this innovative technique grabs their concentration.
Visitors directed to a call to action which increase traffic in great amount
Adds credibility and promote business

Tips to Utilize Parallax Design efficiently

While getting your website modified or created according to parallax scrolling few tips must note and follow while getting it designed and developed by professionals of Gap Infotech:

Parallax scrolling effect must be done on streamline and not be overdone as it removes the charisma and makes a website so complicated for visitors to navigate

A website visual tour and story can be effectively using parallax website designing to make the website even more interactive and eye-catching. 

Layering can also be used to provide deepness to a webpage and make it even more fun and engaging.

The call to action can be successfully improved which make it clearly visible hence depict the significance of parallax website designing.Gap Infotech is one of the leading web designing company in Gurgaon. The enthusiasm and strength of mind along with dedication of the professionals working in this firm are the main reason for its success and creation of capable and easy to navigate websites. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

How Are Website Design and SEO Related to Each Other?

With the development in technologies in internet world, usages of web pages have evolved, and so along increase the value of effective (SEO) practices.

Previously both website design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was measured to be two different worlds. But at present both fields merged exceptionally into one.

Two reflective Evolutions by website designing company in gurgaon 

Responsive Design: “Very Important” As it allows visitors to view business website from any type of device.

Parallax Design: For managing g more and more content on one page.

Website Design and SEO Trends

It is important to understand by every one that website which is designed and developed by keeping users/audience in mind can have best SEO rankings and SERP’s.

So it is the necessity of current time to adopt and follow this methodology by each and every client. According to Gap Infotech a creative website design company in gurgaon believe that still many business organizations are there who are failed to achieve success in online market because they are not giving SEO friendly website which is a big hurdle in their success.

Hence it is of utmost importance for the business/organization/brand owners to realize the role of user and SEO friendly website designing.

It is indisputable that managing website from the SEO point of view is a very big and hard challenge. But things can be taken very easy turn when you choose and hire reputable website designing company for your organization. Having a well established idea for designing website is quite important, because at last its helps you to build a website just the way you wanted it to be.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Benefits of PHP Language For Web Development

We all know that PHP language or framework is rather a capable scripting computer language which is able to support server side effectively and very supportive for responsive website designing. The versatility of PHP language or framework cannot be explained in a sentence or two. This language acts a platform for development of many dynamic web pages.

Due to the truth that PHP language or framework is accountable for offering numerous website design services we at Gap Infotech top web development company in gurgaon have chosen this language for its glut of benefits.

As a major open source language this framework is rich in features which oriented functionality due to which it is mainly preferred by most of the responsive website designing companies and web development services providing organizations including Gap Infotech is its proprietary platform.

Advantage of PHP:

Free to use: All the components of the PHP language are free to distribute which can be get from the PHP open source where the language is development and maintained.

Handle Any Traffic Amount.

Easy:  It is one of the easiest tools and user friendly interface it makes the web development services easier and faster.

Use friendly Code: PHP language code is HTML source embedded code and mainly based on two major languages as C and C++ languages. So that’s why the coding is easier as compared to other languages.

Understandable syntax: The syntax is quite an significant part of any programming language so as the PHP is having very easy syntax.

All web servers supportive: Supports all major web servers such as Apache, Netscape, Microsoft IIS, iPlanet Server etc.

All databases supportive: Supports all major databases such asMySQL, IBM DB2, Front Base, SQ  Lite, ODBC, Inter Base etc.

Huge community.

Trusted: After its inception in the year 1995, it has attained the confidence of many users and web developers.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Why Need Logo Designing Company For Brand Identity in Competitive Market?

Companies / Organization of all size i.e. small and large if need better and result oriented business promote and they must go for logo designing services and acquire unique logo designs, which additionally allow them to emphasize their brand and organization. A well designed and manage business logo provide many profit to a company. Therefore, if you wish to hire a logo designing company, then make Gap Infotech as your first choice.

Check out why Gap Infotech is considered as the best company for logo designing services in Gurgaon?

Professional Touch: Many of logo designing companies are in market today. On the other hand Gap Infotech is a highly professional logo designing company in Gurgaon since 2009 that deals in providing only trustworthy, effective, high-quality and desired professional logo design services. Therefore, if looking for quality, affordable and on time delivery of logo is a main concern for your organization then look no supplementary option than us.

Choice of Colors: Unlike other companies, we only trust in investigate the exact client requirements this is the main reason why when you first come close to us, we will want to understand your choice with regard to the colors to be used in the logo. As Color selections is a critical part of designing logos and go away a long way in creating an impact on clients and competitors.

Typeface and Typography: The typeface as well as the typography used for designing logo is essential from the point of branding. Contact for all type of logo designs such as to include whole business name , wants couple of letters etc our logo designing experts in Gurgaon will fulfill your accurate requirements by offering outstanding and best quality logo design services. to convey your organization’s motto and message very clearly.

Send a Positive Message: Your customers will not only be able to tell with the logo but will also find it suitable to recall the name of your company easily.

Simple yet Effective: We plan and design simple yet versatile logo and out team will do all the requisite brainstorming activities and use their creativity to get a logo that is unique, easy to recognize and leaves and everlasting impact on the minds of everyone.

As a result it becomes very important to consult professional and reputed logo design company in Gurgaon such as Gap Infotech to get customized logo design for your company/brand. The logo designer experts at Gap Infotech will assist you in getting a complete professional logo design to focuses on your brand and business nature concurrently.