Monday, February 20, 2017

Impress Your Audience with Professional and Latest Web Design Trends for 2017

Good web design is a fundamental part for making the right impression among website visitors. Just as other things “Online”, first impression’s matters a lot. Website visitors make decision about website reliability in as little as 50 milliseconds.

Staying on top of the current trends makes it likely to design a website that will impress your addressees, and will hold users concentration. Gap Infotech - Best Web Design Company in Gurgaon is here provide important insights about latest web designing principles according to their expertise.

Check out here Web Design trends for 2017?

Art expresses feelings, raises questions and incite emotions. A good web design helps people to find answers, take action and finish the task.

Many websites are very old with huge collection of clutter data along the way. If redesigning a present website then begin with content audit, and focus on what’s important by mapping key customer journeys. On the other hand if building a new brand website from scratch, consider wireframes, sitemaps and clarity etc

Grids, Frameworks and pre-made themes
As CSS frameworks and grids mature many of designers use them as a basic development work and make allow learner coders to step up their game and they help digital agencies to streamline their production. Along with Bootstrap new front-end development frameworks are also getting very attraction.

Flat Colors
Google Material Design is a complete set of principles and good practices for web designers and mobile app developers. Google Material Design with flat colors is a good way for web and mobile app designing according to latest trends and becomes very popular day by day.

Authentic images
It is important and critical to select and use complete effective images for web which must be relevant and genuine and careful about following points:
  • ·         Product/Service Based
  • ·         Audience Relevant
  • ·         Quality
  • ·         Ethics
Do now over use photographs which will make your website look unprofessional and outdated. Always pick realistic images that portray real world and real people.

As a picture perform very well so video must be even better, right it .Homepage background videos are best way to tell a brand story behind a product or service within seconds .

The numbers of able to be seen, main menu navigation items are now reduced to the absolute minimum.

Combination of personal and professional space, integrity, ethics
Now main focus is made with combination of personal and professional space, integrity, ethics.Now modern business websites of 2017 will use more genuine images and full-width or full-screen layout to portray indisputable, passionate, ethical people and products. Primary navigation reduced to very minimum number. Great websites of 2017 will use primarily direct, persuasive language with responsiveness, micro interactions and large, bold.

Best of luck and have a well designed 2017 by Web Design Gurgaon!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Get Attractive and Results Orienting Website at Website Designing Company Gurgaon Only

A well designed and creative website is a necessary part of a current marketing strategy. Web designing needs to be carried out with complete intelligence as it’s one of the main things that will showcase your brand services and products in marketplace. We at Gap Infotech are known to provide individual and high quality web designing services that helps a business establish your business robustly.

We do not merely design and develop websites which are aesthetically exceptional but put all effort for making it a best platform for doing business. If your website isn’t hard-working like you, hire Gap Infotech, the best Website Designing Company in Gurgaon.

It is easy for any website to turn out to be obsolete, web designing trends changes, content as well as needs move up organically that can outcome in a website design which is messy, complex to utilize and not in synchronization with your brand- all of which will have an effect on your website’s capability to magnetize web users, leads and ultimately Return On Investment (ROI).

Our complete website designing procedure is to complete all of business goals, to achieve high ROI. Our expert and professional web designers in Gurgaon are having all the required designing skilled and expertise to meet client’s vision and beat your expectations.

Why we are Unique from Our Competitors?
  • ·         Broad planning & complete professional competitor analysis
  • ·         Client-centric ideal designing process
  • ·         Use of latest technologies and methods
  • ·         Employing calculated & endorsement insight to designs
  • ·         Results-oriented website designing to get high traffic and ROI as well
What is the need of Professional Web Design?
  • ·         To achieve trustworthiness in marketplace
  • ·         Targets to wide customer market
  • ·         Improved customer service
  • ·         Brand development and promotion
  • ·         Creative and attractive platform
  • ·         Aim to achieve high website traffic
  • ·         Increases potential enquiries for brand’s products/services

·         From preliminarily briefing to web designing visual concepts and from website development to continuing support as well as online marketing, we are at all times there for our clients to support them.

We take all steps and relevant procedure for making your website a best and unique among your niche market and competitors. So going through our complete work portfolio, you’d realize that we think beyond the scope of any of the professional Web Design Gurgaon and increase your business value

Contact us now for all your website designing requirements according to latest trends and market requirements to beat your competitors and see how simple and professional we are to work with.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Crucial Ways to Boost Your Digital Marketing ROI with #1 SEO Company Gurgaon

Since last many years traditional SEO and PPC dominates a business’ digital marketing strategy. But now businesses are running in a completely different world that includes customer expectations and a greater amount of competitive challenge. It is required that business must stay at top ahead of the competition by adopting new digital marketing techniques and approaches.

That’s why #1 SEO Company in Gurgaon presents here few point and ways for growth

The future is in mobile
Mobile marketing now accounts a major share for great amount of traffic and businesses which do not implement their mobile marketing efforts they lose a great opportunity as all of the digital marketing channels are anticipated to go mobile, from mobile search engine optimization and mobile-friendly websites to enterprise mobile applications and mobile conversions.

New payment methods
With new mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet are arising in the market from which all online businesses can benefit from.

Focus on conversion optimization
Marketers cannot boost their sales revenues without customer attainment. So include customer conversion rate optimization as part of the budget. Conversion rate optimization is a way to acquire highest online traffic probable to a website for the purpose of converting them to customers with high quality landing pages and call-to-action CTS statements that effectively confine the attention of visitors.

Good website loading speed
Website with low loading time and speed will take much time in loads website pages which will in turn go back away off visitors and reaches to competitor website.

Content is king
Use content marketing through the use of blogs, articles, and press releases to showcase a particular brand presence in a professional manner. To effectively utilize content focus should be on quality rather than quantity.

Fortify marketing with marketing automation
Always use a coordinated digital marketing strategy through the use of a marketing automation system for ideally coordinate all digital marketing efforts under one roof.

Email lists are Evergreen
E-mail marketing is an incredibly easy-to-use and is a great means of two-way communication for building long-term relationships with customers and lead generation.

 For latest trend and technologies for online marketing you can contact best digital marketing company in Gurgaon since 2009 – Gap Infotech for making a strong brand identity with top online presence on search engines. Contact now to discuss your business promotion and branding plan.