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Want Instant and Amazing SEO Results As Soon As Possible, Starts With Gap Infotech Now!!!!!

Is your business/brand website is not visible to your target audience or customers over the internet? If answer is yes then in this age of modern digital world you are missing a lot of opportunities and business prospects, leads and sales. Now you think maybe what ought to do next? You must know about importance and value your website or brand superior visibility proves to be very beneficial in digital space. Gap Infotech a professional SEO company in Gurgaon has all types of solutions regarding SEO services and result orienting solutions.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is regarded as a set of SEO Techniques and methods which greatly improves the visibility and rankings of your website across all both major and minor search engines. It clearly specifies that only well optimized websites rank higher in search engines like Google to become visible to more and people on the internet.

Use Always Strategic SEO Approach To Boost Your Online Leads and Sales.

We, at Gap Infotech, SEO agency in Gurgaon having expertise SEO professionals and fully understands why your business should think ahead of owning a well-designed and good-looking website. Use our professional SEO services and get guaranteed result which ensures that all your business, products, services and brand value reach to a large target audience or a bigger market than it ever managed to.

Our affordable SEO Packages are designed to keep in mind to provide affordability to all different industries verticals to complete their unique branding requirements to deliver maximum results and highest quality optimization services and its related benefits. Our team make a proper plan of SEO strategies and policy to give client business elements a opportunity to appear in higher rankings of search engine.

Our SEO Checklist:-
  • ·         Thorough and deep competitor website analysis
  • ·         Accomplishment of SEO strategies to increase brand awareness
  • ·         Plan SEO techniques to improve website ranking according to latest updates and algorithms of search engines.
  • ·         Complete Business-centric optimization to render high-quality website traffic
  • ·         Comprehensive website SEO analysis
  • ·         Making of proper On Page and Off Page SEO activities schedule
  • ·         Improvement of website conversion & web page prominence
  • ·         Focus to achieve high ROI along with long-term impact.

Scope of SEO Services in Gurgaon by Gap Infotech
  • ·         Deliver absolute business-centric SEO services via website audit.
  • ·         Guarantee improved website traffic with high search engine ranking.
  • ·         Increase business visibility in digital space.
  • ·         Optimize website according to latest trends and technologies to devise beneficial and successful marketing campaigns.
  • ·         Provide a great two-way communication and interactivity with target audience.
  • ·         Excellent SEO services to improve brand recognition, visibility, online performance tracking and desired results.
  • ·         All activities are devised, executed and practiced using latest Google guidelines
  • ·         Use only ethical or white hat SEO techniques
  • ·         Relevant Traffic generation with relevant link building exercises only

SEO Services at Gap Infotech will make a differentiation and so as known as #1 top rated SEO Company in Gurgaon that delivers maximum level of services to make your business and brand stand out from the competitors.

It’s time you understand the necessities of your brand/organization/ business and hire best SEO Company in Gurgaon. Gap Infotech is here to support you in the best potential manner!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Why Hire Gap Infotech WordPress Website Design and Development Company in Gurgaon

Whether you're a small business, a big organization or start up organization or an MNC company, Wordpress websites proves to be very success to all with best out coming results. We at Gap Infotech deals in providing result-oriented WordPress solutions for every business types along with professional responsive themes to target mobile traffic and boost conversions at a good rate also consist of few special features such as

  • ·         Social media integration which helps in increasing user engagement
  • ·         Customized WP solutions along with full control
  • ·         SEO friendly architecture to develop better organic rankings
  • ·         High-end Security execution
Our WordPress Web Design & Development Services in Gurgaon
Professionally and smartly designed and developed WordPress Websites & Blogs with entire customized look, superb functionality and absolutely perfect optimization all can be acquired at Gap Infotech known for Web Design Gurgaon.

Why Customized WordPress Website

Superior Quality Design

To make a unique brand image identity it must have intuitively stylish mobile friendly theme with beautiful and attractive UI (user interface) so that visitors loves to come again and again which helps a lot in boosting you ROI

24 x 7 Support

If you use free themes, plug-in & features then support is not provided if any error occur at time of trouble. Because one might need round the clock all time available technical support in cases of sudden breakdown.

Version Updates

Free themes will never got updated so it is better to upgrade your site with latest WP version updates, plug-in updates etc.

Unique Functionality

With Pre-built WordPress plug-in the problem of compatibility issues arises & if not properly integrated can even damage your site. Hence for having better site functionality and performance, always get customized WordPress plug-in development & integration services.

High-end Security

Free themes & plug-in consists of unwanted code. But WordPress web development team at Gap Infotech carefully scan all the code, themes & plug-in to ensure complete website safety.

Mobile Optimized UI

More than 90% of the website traffic comes from mobile now days but pre-built themes are not completely responsive and not provide good visibility on all devices. Why Hire WordPress Developers & Designers from leading web design company in Gurgaon

Why WordPress Websites Fail?

  • ·         Selection of Wrong Platform and Wrong Vendor :
  • ·         Ignore WordPress Mobile Optimization and Theme-customization
  • ·         Slow Load Time

How we make them succeed with WordPress!!

  • ·         Comprehensive Analysis of project requirements
  • ·         Fully Customized Responsive Website
  • ·         Enhanced Performance Optimization

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Important and Updated Checklist for Every New eCommerce Website

The popularity and success of many e-commerce portals now increasing day by day and now each and every business owners are looking to develop a successful ECommerce website for running online business, and that too in no time.

Every ecommerce website has some pros and cons, some ethics, some rules, some limitations which everyone must understand and proper follow them. Because just designing and developing a website up and running is not the end many more things are there to keep in mind and knowledge. To simplify process Web Design Company in Gurgaon present some list this will not only guide you into the basics.

Page URLs

In consideration of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is important that all URLs of website are structured in a complete search engine friendly way and visitor should be able to understand what it could be all about!

Each and every word in URL should be separated by a dash. All URLs must be structured in a complete logical and consistent way. Also try to avoid random scramble of numbers and letters by structuring website with different categories and filters.

WWW & None WWW Redirection

Usually, there can be two URLs to a page on a website – one is prefaced with a ‘www’ and other one is not prefaced with a ‘www’. The problem is that search engine crawlers treat them as two separate pages which create a problem of duplicate content hence may come in penalty & might affects rankings and traffic on a website. So ‘non www’ versions of a website’s URL should be 301 redirected to the ‘www’ version.

Bread Crumb Navigation

Breadcrumbs help all visitors to easily navigate on site. Built as html links they refer to your hierarchical site depth by presenting particular assigned categories/tags/parent pages. It help to develop usability.

Alt Attribute for Images

Search engines use crawlers to check that what information is carried out by that page and also crawl images, if any is there on page so to inform about the images, the ALT tag/attribute is used so that search engines can now get the clue by alt description and also displays in their search results.

 Page Heading Optimizations

All web pages must have one Top Header Tag (or H1 / Header 1).  Generally H1 will contain the page’s main keywords.

Website Errors

All search engines are not favoring the websites which are having some technical errors such as broken links, 404 pages, outdated statistics, crawl errors etc.
So the best options are to Sign up for Webmaster tools and check it regularly for any page errors, also Submit a sitemap.

Social Media Integration

When users comes to online store, it should be very easy for them to share content with social media connections also so make sure that proper social sharing buttons are available on all the appropriate pages of your website.

XML & HTML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is a document which supports Google and other all search engines to better understand website during crawling. So update both XML and HTML sitemaps in website.

Robots Txt File

It is used to Block needless pages from being crawled by search engine

Responsive Design

Google now prefer and rank mobile-friendly sites as compared to other non responsive website it must support and well open on all screen size and load the appropriate according to specific layout .

If need further clarification about how to get best designed and developed fully customized ecommerce website for growing online sales then Gap Infotech a top website design company in Gurgaon since 2009.

Let’s get connected with us to know current market tips and technologies for better business development

Monday, December 5, 2016

Let us Manage Every Aspect of Your ONLINE PRESENCE with Responsive Web Designing

Your potential regular customers are searching for your products and services from their respective smart phones and tablets. What will happen will they find you or your competitors? A responsive website can make all the difference!

Try this a little experiment – take out your phone and enter up your website in any of the web browser. Have a Look at the image of the iPhone on the top of this page. Are you seeing something similar on your phone? Is text is readable and can find out your company’s phone number or still waiting for your website to load?

In 2014 year, mobile search officially dominates the desktop search—it means that more and more internet users are searching for your products or services online from mobile devices.

Also, major search engines like Google rank mobile-friendly websites higher in search engine results as compared to non-mobile website. If your brand is lack of mobile-friendly website then you might be loose great traffic and leads as compared to your competitors.

Start capturing mobile business becomes the need of today business market so contact Gap Infotech today for a custom responsive website design services a premium web design company in Gurgaon! Make sure to check our website design portfolio.

Optimized for mobile implies that website’s content and assets must be properly accessible, readable, and usable to visitors among all devices.

There are two routes to optimize websites for mobile:

Creation of a custom mobile site – Usually, this version is separately hosted on domain such as Mobile-specific sites provides many various advantages as cost is low to build and their loading time is very less and content can be customized for the difference in user intent between people visiting your site from a desktop vs. a mobile device.

Use a responsive website designing – Unlike a mobile-specific website, responsive sites do not stands on a separate URL. In a responsive site, the same HTML codes is visible to all visitors, but adjust according to various screens for better display on different types of devices and are less expensive to maintain over the long-run as compared to custom mobile sites with different domains.
You can choose any of the option as specified depending on your business nature and requirements

Google has now officially stated many a times that they prefer responsive websites over non responsive websites. 

  • ·         There is no need to manage multiple websites only manage one website. 

  • ·         There is no problem of duplicate content, faulty redirects, or other general usability errors that separate mobile websites create. 

  • ·         Provide best usability for your visitors, as it’s compatible to all users on all devices.

Responsive Website Design Services by Gap Infotech

Gap Infotech a leading and professional web designing company in Gurgaon specializes in designing and developing responsive websites and landing pages that are not only beautiful, creative and technically strong, but also rank well high in search results which helps in attaining specific business goals: increased traffic, leads, and sales. Check out website design portfolio!

When you get and enjoy our responsive website design services, we can handle all aspects of your website designing, mobile apps, web application development, from hosting to design to copywriting, SEO, and more.

Let us convert your website into a fully responsive sales and marketing tool!