Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Important and Updated Checklist for Every New eCommerce Website

The popularity and success of many e-commerce portals now increasing day by day and now each and every business owners are looking to develop a successful ECommerce website for running online business, and that too in no time.

Every ecommerce website has some pros and cons, some ethics, some rules, some limitations which everyone must understand and proper follow them. Because just designing and developing a website up and running is not the end many more things are there to keep in mind and knowledge. To simplify process Web Design Company in Gurgaon present some list this will not only guide you into the basics.

Page URLs

In consideration of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is important that all URLs of website are structured in a complete search engine friendly way and visitor should be able to understand what it could be all about!

Each and every word in URL should be separated by a dash. All URLs must be structured in a complete logical and consistent way. Also try to avoid random scramble of numbers and letters by structuring website with different categories and filters.

WWW & None WWW Redirection

Usually, there can be two URLs to a page on a website – one is prefaced with a ‘www’ and other one is not prefaced with a ‘www’. The problem is that search engine crawlers treat them as two separate pages which create a problem of duplicate content hence may come in penalty & might affects rankings and traffic on a website. So ‘non www’ versions of a website’s URL should be 301 redirected to the ‘www’ version.

Bread Crumb Navigation

Breadcrumbs help all visitors to easily navigate on site. Built as html links they refer to your hierarchical site depth by presenting particular assigned categories/tags/parent pages. It help to develop usability.

Alt Attribute for Images

Search engines use crawlers to check that what information is carried out by that page and also crawl images, if any is there on page so to inform about the images, the ALT tag/attribute is used so that search engines can now get the clue by alt description and also displays in their search results.

 Page Heading Optimizations

All web pages must have one Top Header Tag (or H1 / Header 1).  Generally H1 will contain the page’s main keywords.

Website Errors

All search engines are not favoring the websites which are having some technical errors such as broken links, 404 pages, outdated statistics, crawl errors etc.
So the best options are to Sign up for Webmaster tools and check it regularly for any page errors, also Submit a sitemap.

Social Media Integration

When users comes to online store, it should be very easy for them to share content with social media connections also so make sure that proper social sharing buttons are available on all the appropriate pages of your website.

XML & HTML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is a document which supports Google and other all search engines to better understand website during crawling. So update both XML and HTML sitemaps in website.

Robots Txt File

It is used to Block needless pages from being crawled by search engine

Responsive Design

Google now prefer and rank mobile-friendly sites as compared to other non responsive website it must support and well open on all screen size and load the appropriate according to specific layout .

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